The Sirloin Cap is also known as the Coulotte Steak or Picanha in Brazil. It is an inexpensive and flavorful cut which can be prepared churrasco-style. This is one of the best pieces of meat for grilling and a cut you won't typically find in the grocery store. 

Choose between the steak or whole roast. Price is per individual package. Weight is approximately 8 oz each for the steak and 3 lbs for the roast. The steaks and roasts are individually cryovac-packaged FRESH. NEVER FROZEN. 

Shipping is a $30 flat rate, unless you buy a Moo To You bundle and then shipping is included. **SHIPPING IN FLORIDA, GEORGIA AND ALABAMA ONLY**

OR PICKUP at area #MEATUPS. Choose pickup location or shipping at checkout. 

Sirloin Cap Steak or Roast (Picanha)