The Boyd Family


We are a 7th generation cattle farm with a passion for the industry and the land. Our family farm has been operating on the same land near the Florida-Georgia line for 180+ years, but we recently decided to pivot our cattle operation to a farm-to-table beef business. We wanted to focus on what’s best for our neighbors, our cattle and the environment.


Boyd Farms Fresh


Our happy herd grazes in green pastures, producing a nutrient-dense beef that is better for your health and the planet. Our cattle never leave the region. After they are bred, born and raised on pastures in North Florida and South Georgia, they are grain-finished in open fields to choice grades. Our beef is then harvested and processed at a USDA-certified plant in Florida.

We are bringing our Florida-fresh and Georgia-grown beef directly to you in our refrigerated MEATUps truck. Come join us at one of our MEATUps in local towns to pick up your USDA-inspected cuts. We have everything from ground beef to delicious steaks - all from a program dedicated to supplying better, tastier beef.


“MEAT” the Team

Allen Boyd, Jr.
Chief Cattleman
• Owns and operates Boyd Farms
• Grew up on the farm and has been raising and managing the Boyd Farms cattle operation for decades.
• Spent 22 years in the State Legislature and US Congress

Jeannie Schmoe Boyd
Chief of Everything
• Allen’s Wife
• Owns and operates neighboring Blackwater with her children
• Helps with breeding and managing herd

Suzanne Boyd
Chief Mooooover
• Allen’s daughter
• Spent 25 years in the TV news business and now runs her own production company in Delray Beach, Florida.
• Handles all marketing, advertising and online sales for Boyd Farms Fresh

David Boyd
Chief Get ‘Er Done
• Allen’s youngest son
• Owns and operates Black Tie Ski Rental Delivery in Lake Tahoe, California with his fiancé, Kelly.
• Handles all operations for Boyd Farms Fresh.

Kelly Susin
Chief Food Creative
• David’s fiancé
• Boyd Farms Fresh Certified Food Manager
• BFF “Special Sauce” Creator